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Serie Play by Play

1. Il gioco perfetto
2. Gioco senza regole
3. Taking a shot
4. Playing to win
5. Thrown by a curve
6. One sweet ride
6.5 Holiday games
7. Melting the ice
8. Straddling the line
8.5 Holiday on ice
9. Quarterback draw
10. All Wound Up


Serie Wild Riders

1. Riding Wild
2. Riding Temptation
3. Riding on Instinct
4. Riding the Edge: A Novella From Nauti and Wild
5. Riding the Night
6. Riding To Sunset: A Novella From Nautier and Wilder

Serie Hope

0.5 Hope Smolders
1. Hope Flames
2. Hope Ignites
3. Hope Burns
4. Love After All

Serie Kent Brothers

1. All She Wants For Christmas
2. A Rare Gift
3. The Best Thing

Serie Storm for all season

1. Summer Heat
2. Fall Fury
3. Winter Ice
4. Spring Rain

Serie Passion in paradise

1. Paradise Awakening
2. Paradise Revival
3. Paradise Discovery

Serie Demon Hunters

1. Surviving Demon Island
2. Hunting the Demon
3. The Darkest Touch
4. Taken by Sin

Serie Devlin Dynasty

1. Running Mate
2. Fall Fury
3. Mountain Moonlight
4. Legend’s Passion

Serie Chains of love

1. Bound To Trust
2. Demand to Submit

Serie Kismet

1. Winterland Destiny
2. Fiery Fate
3. Aftermath

Serie The killer

1. The Heart of a Killer
2. Killer Decision

Libri singoli

True Lies
Making Waves
Tangled Web
Bite me
Lycan’s Surrender
Dolphin’s Playground
Wild, Wicked, & Wanton
Nothing Personal
Dare to love
Bound, Branded, & Brazen
Rescue me
Show me
No strings attached
The Ties That Bind
Magnolia summer
Midnight Velvet
Out of the Darkness
Hands On
Wild Nights
Animal Instincts
Holiday bound
Holiday Heat con Lauren dane
Holiday Seduction con Lauren dane
Dream On
Don’t Let Go

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